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I herby consent that the photographs taken by Karen Sirmenis may be used for the purpose of display, portfolio, website, or advertising to solely promote I also agree that images can be used without compensation to the undersigned. Also agreed upon is that I will not use the photos taken by Karen Sirmenis to profit off of, or enter the photographed child/family members into any ‘photo contests’ or use as head shots for modeling agencies. If I have obtained downloaded files through Karen Sirmenis Photography, I agree to not alter the images in any way (B&W conversion, cropping etc.). I understand that Karen Sirmenis retains full copyright of these images and that copyright infringement is punishable by law (see below). *
Half of the rate based on package is due at time of booking. Payment options are check or cash. The other half is due one week prior to the shoot. Please consult your custom invoice for amount due. * Note: a $25 travel fee will be applied to any area outside a 25 mile radius to Karen Sirmenis. *
If you must cancel your session due to child illness or other personal emergency, please provide 48 hours notice so I can reschedule your session and provide this time for another client. Each client gets one reschedule date for personal reasons. Should you need to cancel for a second time, your initial deposit will be forfeited. Please understand that when you cancel you have taken a session ‘off the books’, thus resulting in loss of profit and time for Karen Sirmenis Photography. *
Charges incurred by insufficient check funds are the sole responsibility of the client. Payment must then be made via certified check, money order or cash. *
Attendance at photo sessions is limited to those being photographed including siblings. In the case of children and newborns, attendance is limited to the parents. For newborns, please do not bring personal assistants, nannies / caregivers or friends. Having additional people present can be distracting to both the photographer and to those being photographed. *
Cameras of any kind are not permitted at the shoot. *
Any images not downloaded within 30 days of Gallery completion will be purged. There will be no exception. *
Due to the custom nature of the products and services provided by Karen Sirmenis Photography, all sales are final once received and items cannot be returned. *
All images provided by Karen Sirmenis Photography may not be illegally reproduced by any means. All images created by Karen Sirmenis are protected under copyright law per the agreement you signed at the outset of your session. You have printing rights up to 11x14 only. DIGITAL FILES WILL BE SIZED SO THAT REPRODUCTION AT HIGHER SIZES WILL HAVE UNDESIRABLE RESULTS. *
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Payments via check may be mailed to:

Karen Sirmenis Photography 25050 Riding Plaza #130-126 South Riding, VA 20152