Is this your first foray into in-home sessions?

Don’t worry! I’ll guide you through. When you think of a typical day, what comes to mind? Making breakfast, reading books with the kids, playing in the backyard? Whatever activity you would do on a normal day, that’s the focus of an in-home session. Your everyday. It’s that simple. With limited direction from me, I will photograph those day to day activities that may seem routine or mundane, but that you will ultimately remember about your time together.

What do we do? We’re boring! This is the biggest question I hear. My suggestion is to plan an activity you enjoy. Play a game, play catch with the dog, enjoy a meal together. Whatever you enjoy doing when you’re not being pulled in a million different directions. And if they’re willing, there’s no better person to take the lead then your own kids. Let them show me around the house, pick the activity or show me their latest Lego creation!

It’s your family in your home, so relax, come as you are and let me capture your family’s story.